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MICCA Results 

8th Grade Chorus-Bronze

HMS Honors Chorus-Silver

8th Grade Band- Bronze

8th Grade Orchestra-Silver

HHS Chorus-Silver

HHS Orchestra-Gold

HHS Symphonic Band-Silver

HHS Concert Band- Gold

Congratulations to all Hopkinton ensembles on their success at this years MICCA festival. And thank you for all your to help make HHS a well run site for all three days of the festival.



The following students were selected to participate in the Central District Junior Music Festival on Saturday April 29 in Leominster MA.


Julie Chambers, 8 Violin           

Lucas Dionne, 7 Chorus          

Jessica Franks, 8 Bassoon                       

Casey Gomez , 8 Clarinet                       

An-Wen Huang, 7 Cello                       

Olivia Jones, 8 Percussion (Mallets)           

Meher Kaur, 7 Chorus           

Andrea Liu, 8  Violin                       

Rohan Minocha, 8 Violin                       

Caroline Ozmun, 7 Cello                       

Mirabella Paolucci, 8 Viola                       

Tanisha Rajgor, 7  Chorus           

Kelly Teitel, 8 Alto Sax                     

Madeline Ullman, 7 Clarinet                       

Grace Young, 7 Clarinet