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Final Notice: Grade 8 End-of-Year NYC Trip, December 8, 2016

December 8, 2016


Dear Parent,


The initial $100 deposit was due on Thursday, December 1.  If your child plans on attending, this deposit needs to be submitted by the end of the day on Friday, December 9.  In order to properly reserve events and venues, we must have a final count of attendees.  


I have included information below on how you can sign up and register your child.  Please let us know if you need assistance.


Finally, as we continue to send documents and materials to you, they are being maintained on our school website, for your reference, under Parents > Grade/Team Websites > Grade 8 > New York City.




Alan M. Keller

HMS Principal




Account and Payment Portal

Please create an account on the Jumpstreet Portal as the initial deposit of $100 is due on December 1.  

  1. Please visit https://mytour.jumpstreet.com
  2. Create your account on the right hand side of the screen using your information (you will enter your child’s information in the next screen).  
    1. When prompted, enter the Tour Web Code of 40876
  3. Create your Child’s Profile.
  4. Select Optional Products (the only option is medical insurance).
  5. Make initial deposit payment of $100.
    1. You can also opt to:
      1. pay the full amount, or
      2. pay a higher amount than $100, but less than full amount, or
      3. set up the Auto-Pay system which automatically withdraws the required amounts from your Visa or Mastercard on the pre-established due dates
  6. Click Process Transaction.


Payment 2 of $200 is due on Friday, February 3

Payment 3 of $200 is due on Friday, March 3

Final Payment of $209 is due on Friday, April 7


Should you have any questions with the portal or payment process, please contact our Jumpstreet Tours Specialist:


Livia Laverdure


1-800-663-4956 extension 3739