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Lead in Drinking Water Testing Program

Hopkinton Public Schools has chosen to take part in this year's State-subsidized lead in drinking water in schools testing program (LCCA http://www.mass.gov/eea/docsldep/water/drinking/alpha/i -thru­ z/lccaga.pdf). The program, administered by the MA Department of Environmental Protection, has been ongoing in Massachusetts since the summer and will end when school breaks in December.


Under this program we will sample every drinking water outlet that our students drink from. A laboratory will test for lead as our main concern, but will also include analyses for copper. Hopkinton's water department has been testing for lead in its drinking water, including the water in the schools, regularly since 1991 and lead levels have been satisfactory. The main difference between the water department's testing program and the school-specific LCCA program is that we will test 100% of the drinking outlets, compared to the random sampling the water department performs throughout its entire water distribution system. Both approaches confirm safe drinking water, with LCCA aimed at schools, and water departments aimed at testing complete water systems. Another distinction Is that LCCA addresses piping system materials and water system characteristics within a school, while water departments treat the water to inhibit corrosion (the mechanism that puts lead & copper in the water) .


MA DEP is partnered with the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of UMASS, Amherst and A representative from UMASS visited our offices to provide the initial training for the program. Since then, our office has prepared sampling plans and entered data into a Lead Copper on-line reporting tool, and we are scheduled to begin sampling this week .


We will be publishing the results of the testing once they are received.