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 Job #
 Title  Location
 17-01  Substitute Teachers, Nurses, Paraprofessionals  District
 17-101  Part-Time (.6) Business Teacher  High School
 17-102  Board Certified Behavior Analyst/BCBA; Long-Term Substitute  District
 17-120  English Learner Educator  Middle & High Schools
 17-121  English Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  High School
 17-122  Social Sciences (AP Psychology/Sociology) Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  High School
 17-123  School Crossing Guard  District
 17-125  Part-Time (.9) Special Education Paraprofessional  Preschool
 17-126  General Education Paraprofessional  Hopkins School
 17-127  Special Education Paraprofessional(s) w/ABA; Extended School Day Program  High School
 17-128  Cooking Coach; Extended School Day (ESD) Program  High School
 17-129  Dynamic Media (Digital Arts) Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  Middle School
 17-130  Special Education Paraprofessional(s) w/ABA  Elmwood School
 17-132  Foreign Language (French) Teacher  Middle School
 17-133  Part-Time (.2) Elementary Music (Strings) Teacher  Hopkins School
 17-134  Speech & Language Pathologist  District
 17-135  Special Education Teacher: Learning Specialist; Long-Term Substitute  Elmwood School
 17-137  College Essay Workshop Teacher/Facilitator  High School
 17-138  Cafeteria General Worker (3 hours/day)  Hopkins School
 17-139  Part-Time (.4) Athletic Trainer  High School
 17-140  Special Education Paraprofessional; Long-Term Substitute  Middle School
 17-141  Intensive Special Needs Teacher  Preschool
 17-142  Special Education Teacher: Learning Specialist  Middle School
 17-62  Part-Time (.5) SpEd Paraprofessional(s) w/ABA  Preschool
 17-85  Part-Time (.5) School Nurse  Middle School
 17-CS  Substitute Custodian(s)  District

 17-MHSC  Middle & High School Athletic Coaching Positions  Middle & High Schools
 17-ESY2  Extended School Year (ESY) Coordinator  District
 17-ESYSa  Extended School Year Staff  District
 17-SHC  Summer Help - Custodian  District
 17-HHT  Home/Hospital Tutors  District
 17-ESDC  Extended School Day (ESD) Program Coordinator  High School