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Transportation Protocols (COVID)

The district conducted two surveys regarding transportation needs. The first, sent to families on July 13, 2020, asked parents whether the school bus would be the only means of transportation available to their children. These numbers would allow the district to determine if the 31 buses in our fleet, contracted through Connolly busing, would be adequate to transport our students. The District planned to follow DESE guidance of one student per seat in terms of transportation, which you can see diagrammed below. 

In order to ensure students’ safety on buses, not only did the District purchase a mask for each child, but we also purchased a plexiglass face shield for each rider, which would provide greater safety to all bus passengers. At the time of this writing, the District is in early conversations with Connolly busing, who are planning to disinfect each bus at the end of each school day. Bus drivers will not check students’ health as the children board the bus. The bus driver is not a medical professional; the job of the driver is only to drive the school bus.
To further ensure safety during transportation, the following measures will be taken:

  • Windows on buses will be kept open to circulate fresh air.
  • Students, who will wear both a mask and a face shield on the bus, will have assigned seating. This practice will help with contact tracing if necessary.
  • If possible, an additional staff member will be on the bus to monitor and remind students of safety protocols. Although the Hopkinton Public Schools will post for such positions, it may be difficult to fill this positions.
  • Upon arriving at school, students will access multiple entry and exit points when coming into and dismissing from school each day.