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Typically, in public schools July is the month during which people get to exhale before gearing up for the next school year. This has not been the case this summer. The HPS Administrative Team invested incredible amounts of time and energy in reentry planning, and therefore, I wish to thank each and every one of them. This has proven to be a Herculean task, and would not have come together so readily without a concerted effort on the part of all the individuals who make up the 

Administrative Team:
Jennifer Parson, Assistant Superintendent            
Susan Rothermich, Director of Finance and Operations    
Karen Zaleski, Director of Student Services            
Ashoke Ghosh, Director of Technology and Innovative Learning
Kim Pulnik, Director of Human Resources    
Tim Persson, Director of Facilities        
Jennifer Cuker, Director of English Language Acquisition, Equity and Access
Evan Bishop, HHS Principal
Justin Pominville, HHS Assistant Principal
Laura Theis, HHS Assistant Principal
Alan Keller, HMS Principal
Ann Benbenek, HMS Assistant Principal
Chris Ocampo, HMS Assistant Principal
Vanessa Bilello, Hopkins Principal
Julie Babson, Hopkins Assistant Principal;
Anne Carver, Elmwood Principal
Jason Dimen, Elmwood Assistant Principal
Lauren Dubeau, Marathon Principal
Shannon Dickerson, Marathon Assistant Principal
Rich Cormier, HHS Athletic Director

I also want to thank the Schools’ partners from the Town of Hopkinton:
Norman Khumalo, Town Manager
Tim O’Leary, Town CFO
Shaun McAuliffe, Public Health Director
Kasey Mauro, Town Nurse

Thank you to the Hopkinton Public Schools Faculty and Staff:
Rebecca Abate, HTA  President
Rebecca Black, Paraprofessional Association Co-President
Doug Scott, HHS Teacher and Tech/Engineering and SML
Jen Smith, HHS Teacher and Science SML
Dena O’Shaughnessy, Elmwood Teacher
Tammy McGee, Marathon Teacher
Caitlin Rizzardi, Hopkins Teacher
Kim Piquard, Hopkins Administrative Assistant

Thank you to those community members of the Reentry Advisory Group:
Brendan Tedstone, Select Board Chair        Kelly DePaolo, Parent
Meg Tyler, School Committee            Frank Fiore, Parent
Kathy Bain, HPS Head Nurse                Navdeep Singh, Parent
Mariela Febles, Parent                Kathleen Engleman, Parent        
Jon Graziano, Parent                    Lisa Miracle, Parent
Carolyn Jackson, Parent                Nisheeth Chaudhary, Parent
Sef Ghanem, Parent                    Miles Cahill, Parent

Finally, thank you to the two extraordinary student members of the Reentry Advisory Group:    
Jasmine Battikha, HHS Student            
Danny Andrews, HHS Student