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Fees & Payments

Online Payments

MySchoolBucks - is a web-based payment system used pay for school lunches. MySchoolBucks is integrated into the PowerSchool Parent Portal. This new integration allows parents to see balances with an option to click on a  MySchoolBucks button and make a payment. 

Please note there are two payment options:

Electronic Check: ACH method. There is a $0.25 per transaction when utilizing this payment option. Funds will be credited to the students account on the second business day following the transaction date.
Credit Card: Accepted Payment Types: MasterCard, Discover, American Express. Funds will be credited to the students account on the third business day following the transaction date. Per transaction fees are charged by the credit card processor, as follows: (Fee Schedule)

Family ID - is an online registration tool for the Athletics department but does not have an internal payment system. You are required to make a payment using MySchoolBucks once you have registered your students for a team. Current Athletic Fees are $200 per participant per season and $300 for MS Football. The family cap for the year is $1200.

High School

Class Dues & Field Trips - All payments are collected at the high school main office, by class advisers, or teachers sponsoring individual trips. Payments can be made in cash or by check made payable to "Hopkinton High School Activities"

Laptop Payments - Are made via MySchoolBucks or via check made payable to "Hopkinton Public Schools" you can see the amount owed on the MySchoolBucks site under Laptop payments.

Middle School

NYC Field Trip - Paperwork and payments are processed through JumpStreet - Jumpstreet Tours 780 avenue Brewster, Suite 02-300 Montreal (Quebec) H4C 2K1 514-954-9990/ 800-663-4956

Yearbook - Payments are collected via Hockmeyer Studios or contact Carrie O'Connor at the MS


Memory Book - HPTA payment