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How Do I Register My Student(s)?


The registration process for new students begins by clicking on the Register link and creating a PowerSchool Registration account by clicking on the green create account button. Once your account is created you will be able to complete the online application form, please allow 10-15 minutes to complete the form and have relevant documents available. Please make sure you click on the relevant year for enrollment, if you are registering for the fall you should click on the 2019-2020 school year. The online registration process utilizes smart form technology and only asks relevant questions based on your student's grade level. You will have the option of digitally attaching your birth certificate, proof of residency, and health documents or you can drop them off in person at the District Administration building located at 89 Hayden Rowe Street. Once you have completed your form you will be asked to review all of your information, please check to make sure the data you inputted is accurate and please clear any error messages before submitting. Once the application is submitted you will receive a confirmation email and the district will reach out to you to verify documentation if needed. Once we have all the verified your information you are moved into PowerSchool, our student information system and schools will reach out to you to finalize any additional steps if needed. 

Proof of Residency Documents:

The Superintendent may request three or more of the following as proof of residency: Purchase and Sale agreement, record of most recent mortgage payment, copy of lease with record of most recent rent payment, notarized attestation of residency, Section 8 Agreement, or utility bill (gas, oil, electric, cable, water, sewer).

Proof of Age & Vaccination:

A student registering for the first time must present a birth certificate or equivalent proof of age as well as proof of vaccination and immunizations as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. A child whose parent(s) or guardian(s) state religious objections to vaccinations or immunizations or who are homeless may register without vaccination or immunization records.

Policy Reference - School Committee Policy JF 

Kindergarten Registration:

Please complete the registration steps as listed above. 


Children who are residents of Hopkinton must have attained the age of five (5) years as of August 31st to be eligible for enrollment in Kindergarten at the start of that school year.  Children who have not attended public Kindergarten will be enrolled in first grade provided they have attained their sixth birthday by August 31st of that school year. Children who are residents of Hopkinton, have reached the age of three (3) years, and have been found eligible for special education services under M.G.L.  71B will be provided an educational program consistent with the child’s educational plan, which may include entrance into the district’s Integrated Preschool. A limited number of children of the same age who do not have special needs will also be accepted into the  Integrated Preschool program based on a lottery and will pay tuition.

Policy Reference - Requirements for School Entrance Policy JEB

Digital Accounts

PowerSchool is the district's student information system and it has a variety of uses from hosting student demographic data, to scheduling students, and hosting grade and attendance data. Each parent is strongly encouraged to create a powerschool account so that you can see report cards, schedules, fees, bus routes, and attendance data. We no longer mail hard copies of report cards, paper copies are only available upon request. Once you have completed the registration process your school will email you a letter with instructions on how to join your students to your PowerSchool account. You must add their access ids and passwords to your account in order to gain access to their student data. You can read about account setup and student association here.

SchoolMessenger is the main communication tool in Hopkinton, we use this tool to make emergency calls, send emails, and SMS messages to all parents and students. Once you have registered we share your contact information and emails with our SchoolMessenger database. These messages can come from the district, school, grade, or class level depending on who is sending the message. This allows the district to target student groups based on need. You should create a SchoolMessenger account and verify your contact information and click on the required permissions which will allow the district to use your phone to make calls to you. If you do not take this step you will only receive emergency calls and you will miss any information the district or school sends in the "general category" which is most of the daily news and updates. Please do not block or mark these messages as spam or you will no longer receive emails from the schools. You can read more about account  setup here.



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