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Before/After School Care

Hopkinton Public Schools facilitates a Before Care program for students in Kindergarten through grade five (5) at the Marathon Elementary School.  The Before School program will be available beginning at 7:00am.  Students will be transported from the Before School program to their appropriate school for the start of the school day.  Aftercare services to students in Kindergarten through grade five (5) is provided at the Marathon Elementary School, Elmwood Elementary School and Hopkins Elementary School.  The aftercare program is available until 6:00 pm.

School Year 2021-2022: MetroWest YMCA

School’s Out Hopkinton Before and Aftercare program is provided by the MetroWest YMCA.  School’s Out encourages freedom and exploration with support and structure. Children enrolled in the program get plenty of exercise, enjoy the fresh air by being outside along with having time to complete their homework and participate in brain building activities. Research shows that physical activity and exposure to natural environments improve brain development, enhances learning, improves memory and builds physical and emotional health. This makes for happy kids and happy parents.

There’s plenty for kids and parents to love about the Y’s School’s Out Program. Kid’s get to experiment with their new knowledge, move their bodies, and be surrounded by positive adult role models. Kids who attend School’s Out have the opportunity to explore nature, try new activities, gain independence, and make lasting friendships and memories. 

Over the 180 day school year, there is a maximum of 39 weeks of after school tuition charged to families.  After school tuition is not charged for vacation weeks.  Sibling discount of 10% off for the older children is available.  To determine an average monthly rate, multiply the weekly rate by 39 weeks and divide by 10 months.  For example, the five (5) day weekly rate for After School Care of $145 x 39 weeks / 10 months = $565.50 / month.  

Rates for Before and After Care are as follows:

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