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     Job #
     Title  Location
     19-01  Substitute Teacher, Paraprofessional, School Nurse  All Schools
     19-100  School Nurse  Middle & High Schools
     19-101  Elementary Teacher(s)  Marathon, Elmwood, & Hopkins Schools
     19-104  Elementary Assistant Principal  Elmwood School
     19-105  Technology/Engineering Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  Middle School
     19-106  Part-Time (.7) Media Literacy Teacher  Middle School
     19-113  Part-Time (.5) Elementary Wellness Teacher  Elmwood School
     19-115  Part-Time (.5) Elementary Adjustment Counselor  Marathon School
     19-118  Kindergarten Teacher  Marathon School
     19-119  Elementary Intensive Special Needs Teacher  Marathon School
     19-120  Part-Time (.85) Elementary Music Teacher  Elmwood School
     19-121  Part-Time (.5) Elementary Mathematics Coach  Marathon, Elmwood, & Hopkins Schools
     19-122  Wellness Teacher; Short-Term Substitute  Elmwood School
     19-123  Intensive Special Needs Teacher; Short-Term Substitute  Elmwood School
     19-125  Custodian (Tuesday-Saturday)  High School
     19-126  Maintenance Worker: HVAC Technician  District
     19-127  General Education Paraprofessional(s)  Elementary Schools
     19-128  Special Education Paraprofessional(s)  Elementary Schools
     19-129  Special Education Paraprofessional(s) w/ABA  Elementary Schools
     19-130  Special Education Paraprofessional w/ABA: 18-22 Year-Old Program  High School
     19-133  Elementary Wellness (PE & Health) Teacher  Elmwood School
     19-134  Part-Time (.5) Special Education Paraprofessional w/ABA  Preschool
     19-135  Elementary (Gr 3) Teacher; Long-Term Substitute  Elmwood School
     19-136  Campus Aide  High School
     19-137  General Education Paraprofessional  High School
     19-138  Special Education Paraprofessional w/ABA  High School

     19-FSS  Food Service Substitute(s)  District
     19-FLI  Foreign Language Interpreter(s)  District
     19-CS  Custodian Substitute(s)  District
     19-HHT  Home & Hospital Tutors  District
     19-ES  Elementary School Stipend Positions  Marathon, Elmwood, & Hopkins Schools
     19-MS  Middle School Stipend Positions  Middle School
     19-HS  High School Stipend Positions  High School
     19-MHSC  Middle & High School Coaching Staff  Middle & High Schools
     19-AES 2  Athletic Event Staff  Middle & High Schools
     19-NL  Nurse Leader  District
     19-WSP  Website Support Provider  District
     19-ESYS  Extended School Year Adjustment Counselor  District