• Financial Aid

    Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority

    The Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority (MEFA) is a self-financing, not-for-profit state authority dedicated to assisting students and parents in meeting the challenge of financing higher education. MEFA offers extensive services and provides critical information to help parents and students navigate the often-confusing college financing process.

    MEFA's parent assistance services are available at no cost to all parents of Massachusetts’s high school students. By registering online at www.mefacounselor.org parents will receive the following services:

    · Regularly scheduled emails that will assist them in the college financing process
    · Timely reminders for critical deadlines and filings
    · Access to telephone hotlines with financial aid professionals
    · Advice regarding college award letters and options for paying the tuition bill

    The web links available through www.mefacounselor.org will assist families in applying for financial aid, exploring scholarships, calculating financial need, applying for educational loans, and learning about interest-free tuition plans.