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What is STEM / STEAM?

STEM is an acronym that includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, while “STEAM” integrates these STEM fields with the arts. Hopkinton Public Schools offers a variety of extra-curricular opportunities for students to explore STEAM disciplines, enrich and apply their understanding of STEAM concepts (and the science practices) as well as opportunities for independent research.

Student Opportunities

High School

Art Club


BPA - Business Professionals of America


BPA competitive events at state and national levels


Ceramics Club


We make items for different areas of the community, ie, bowls for Baypath Humane Society. We are working on new areas of the community to donate right now for the year. The students are involved in doing the full process of the ceramic studio, clay, firing, glazing etc.


Drone Club


The goal of the HHS Drone Club is to give students who have an interest in drones a place to gather with like-minded students. The club is not just for students with prior drone experience but rather open to any and all students. The club will be doing activities like drone building, flying, racing, and drone photography.

Fashion Club


Girls Who Code



Produce HHS-TV segments


Hopkinerics Robotics Team


Interscholastic competitive VEX teams


Inventor's Club


Students interested in developing inventive devices


Photography Club


The goal of the HHS Photo Club is to give students who have an interest in photography a place to gather with like-minded students. The club is not just for students with prior photo experience but rather open to any and all students. Club members will be learning from each other and will be photographing various school activities including yearbook photo shoots, senior portraits, superlative pictures, and much more. In addition, the club does weekly photo challenges and run an annual school wide photo contest.

Science Fair


The HHS Science Fair Program (aka Research Methods) offers students a unique opportunity to conduct an independent, yearlong investigation into a topic of their choice. Students conduct original experimental research and/or design engineering solutions to important problems. Students complete weekly assignments throughout the year and share their findings at the School Fair in late February.


Science Olympiad


Interscholastic competitive VEX teamsStudents prepare for science related competitions including: labs, written tests, and engineering builds.




STEM club is meant to encourage students to experience different fields within STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). By participating in engaging discussions, fun experiments, and other interactive activities, students can learn about the different branches of STEM.

Middle School

RoboHillers Robotics Team


Interscholastic competitive VEX IQ teams


Elementary Schools

HPTA Extracurricula


The Hopkinton Parent Teacher Association offers after-school activities at each of the elementary schools. Many of the activities focus on the STEAM areas including robotics, coding, science, art, and design.

There are 8 classes per session. Sessions run in the fall, winter, and spring. Check out the latest catalog on the HPTA Website.


Continental Math League


The Continental Mathematics League (CML) experiences are designed to maximize student opportunities to participate and improve problem solving capabilities. Students participate with other students in the same grade level from schools across the United States.


Business and Community

STEAM Outreach Goals

The Hopkinton Public Schools' STEAM outreach program develops different avenues for the schools and staff to work alongside local businesses, residents and government agencies to support STEAM education for PreK-12 students. 

Goals of the program include:

  • increase career awareness in STEAM fields,

  • extend and enrich classroom experiences,

  • learn about authentic and local applications of STEAM standards and concepts, and

  • demonstrate interdisciplinary connections in STEAM.

How you can help

A few of the ways you might be able to support STEAM education in Hopkinton are listed below.  We invite you to complete the STEAM Expert Survey to tell us about yourself and how you can get involved.  

  • sharing authentic applications of concepts taught in class,

  • creating a 2-5 minute selfie video about your career and/or how you use STEAM concepts,

  • providing an opportunity for a student to shadow a professional (from a few hours to a full day), 

  • sponsoring a student in a work study program,

  • providing an opportunity for students or teachers to tour your facility and learn about your company or business,

  • serving as a guest speaker in a class,

  • meeting with individual teachers,

  • providing students with feedback on projects and more.

Get Started With STEAM Expert Survey

Hopkinton residents and members of the business community interested in enriching STEAM education in Hopkinton are invited to complete a survey to provide information about your background and how you can help. The results will be shared internally with the staff so teachers can reach out to residents and businesses as opportunities arise. 

STEAM expert Survey

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School-Community Coordinator

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