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Events & Traditions

HHS Pep Rally 2018

Students gather once a year at HHS for friendly class competitions and look to share their school spirit in a positive way

Boston Marathon

Hopkinton is the location for the start of the Boston Marathon, the school hosts many of the runner villages on campus and provides resources to the Town of Hopkinton and the BAA. This past year more than 30,000 participants descended upon Hopkinton on April 15th or Patriots Day to race towards Boston.

Flag Day

Marathon students look forward to singing Patriotic Songs for our annual Flag Day performance.  Some songs, such as America, the Beautiful and This Land is Your Land,  highlight the beautiful scenery and famous landmarks within our country.   Others describe the meaning behind the stars and stripes on the American flag.  These songs are also important as a way to encourage and develop proper and appropriate singing techniques. First grade families are invited to this event.

Kenya Day

Elite Kenyan Runners join Elmwood students, staff, and community members for a morning of celebration. John Hancock sponsors the event and students have an opportunity to meet and share their classroom projects with the Kenyans. The event ends with students running alongside the Kenyans in a ceremonial jog outside the school.

5th Grade Talent Show

Each spring, fifth graders have the opportunity to display their talents and skills. From dance, instrumental music, magic, skits, playing DJ and everything in between, student performers ensure their friends and families get their fair share of amazement, laughs, and inspiration.

Elder Tea

Elder Tea is an interdisciplinary project which has students studying the life of an "elder" who has made an impact on them.  Students interview the elder, write a biography, and create a scrapbook which displays various aspects of the elder's life. At the end of the school year, students, families, and the honored elders gather at HMS for the “tea” which provides refreshments for everyone attending.  Each student gives a speech at the event and presents the scrapbook to the elder. This powerful project has been a tradition at HMS for many years, and is one of the highlights of the 6th grade year.

Senior Halloween Breakfast

Annual event for Seniors at HHS that celebrates Halloween and enables all seniors to compete in the best costume and the celebration ends with a nice breakfast.

Edna Kenyan Marathoner with Elmwood Students
kids walking with flags