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    Roles & liaisons
    Nancy Cavanaugh
    25 Priscilla Road
    Committee Spokesperson
    Budget Advisory Group
    Appropriations Committee
    Board of Selectmen
    Capital Improvements Committee
    Turf Field Committee (voting member)
    Chamber of Commerce 
    Vice Chair
    213 Ash Street
    The Education Collaborative (TEC) (voting member)
    New School Committee Member Orientation
    Community Communications
    Marathon Fund Committee (voting member)
    Planning Board
    School Committee Website
    Jennifer Devlin 
    12 Cunningham Street 
    Elementary School Building Committee (voting member)
    Policy Review
    Minutes Review
    Sustainable Green Committee (voting member)
    Center School Re-Use (non-voting member) 
    Hopkinton Organized for Prevention (HOP)
    17 Tammer Lane   508-435-3825

    Policy Review

    Hopkinton Organized for Prevention (HOP)

    Metrowest Innovative Education Roundtable (consortium)
    Metrowest STEM Education Network
     36 Downey Street 508-625-1344

    Irvine-Todaro Committee (voting member)

    Youth Commission

    Community Communications

    School Committee Website

    Elementary School Building Committee (non-voting member)

    The Hopkinton School Committee is composed of five volunteers from the community, elected to three-year overlapping terms during the May town election. Committee meetings are generally held on Thursdays of every month in the High School Library.  See Agenda and Minutes page or the scrolling calendar of events for dates.