• All mathematicians need practice everyday.


    Name: Catherine Anusauskas
    Grade: 6-8
    Subject: Foundations and Applications of Mathematics
    Homeroom: 237
    Phone: (508) 497-9830
    Email: canusauskas@hopkinton.k12.ma.us
    Team Website:
     Welcome to the Foundations and Applications of Mathematics home page.  In this classroom, students will learn to solidify the foundations of their existing math skills.  We will work individually on skills and in small groups.  We will consistently be discussing strategies students can use to help them understand the connections among math skills and content.  Occasionally we will be previewing upcoming content and reviewing concepts that may be challenging for students.  If at any time a students needs additional practice or a new way to look at the math they are learning in their classroom, they are welcome to ask and I will address their specific concern.  Students have the ability to enter into this classroom at the beginning of any trimester in any grade 6-8 based on teacher recommendation and assessment data.  Students also have the ability to 'graduate' from this class based on improvements in understanding and making connections in both this math class and in their 'regular' math class.