• Professional Learning Framework
    In 2011, Hopkinton's professional learning team began work on the Hopkinton Professional Learning Framework. This document is currently under review. The HPS Philosophy of Professional Learning was approved by the School Committee in December 2011.
    Individual and Group Best Practices for Professional Learning

    The organization Learning Forward recommends the following possibilities for professional learning activities as alternatives to workshops, with additions by the Hopkinton Professional Learning Committee in brackets:


    1.      Conduct action research projects

    2.      Analyze teaching cases

    3.      Be observed and receive feedback

    4.      Join a cadre of in-house trainers

    5.      Plan [units and] lessons with a teaching colleague

    6.      Consult an expert [in person or online]

    7.      Examine [your] student data

    8.      [Carry out data inquiry in professional learning communities, discover root causes, and recommend solutions.]

    9.      Be coached by a peer or expert

    10. Lead [or participate in] a book study

    11. Visit another school [or program]

    12. Write assessments [of student learning] with colleagues

    13. Participate in video-conference or conference call with experts

    14. Do a classroom walk-through

    15. Give presentations at conferences

    16. Research on the Internet

    17. Lead a school-wide [or district-wide] committee or project

    18. Participate in a lesson study

    19. Map your curriculum [with colleagues]

    20. Coach a colleague

    21. Be a mentor – be mentored

    22. Join a professional network [in person or online]

    23. Use a tuning protocol to examine student work

    24. Maintain a professional portfolio

    25. Write an article about your work

    26. Observe other teachers teaching

    27. Read journals, educational magazines, books, [and educational blogs in your field]

    28. Participate in a critical friends group

    29. Do a self-assessment

    30. Shadow a student, a teacher, or another professional in the field

    31. Keep a reflective log or journal

    Professional Learning Organizations
    Learning Forward (formerly National Staff Development Council) - Review evidence-based articles about the link between professional learning and student achievement on the Evidence Database page.
    Workshops and Course Offerings
    Bureau of Education and Research regional workshops
    WestEd Schools Moving Up upcoming events and archives
    Professional Learning Framework and Related Resources