• Pencils

    Linda Jacob  M. Ed
            Grade One
           Room #24






  •  Welcome new Jacob-ites of Room #24!

    I am looking forward to meeting you all on Wednesday August 31st.  I have a fun and busy year planned for us. Here are some important tips for the beginning of the year that you will need to know.

    Snack:  We will be having snack every day. Please pack a healthy snack and drink to bring in.

                                                                  ****IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SNACKS*****

    There is a student in our first grade class with a potentially life-threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. We ask your cooperation in creating a Nut-Aware Classroom in order to minimize the possibility of exposure.  Allergic reactions can sometimes occur from physical contact as well as ingestion. 

    To maintain a safe learning environment for all students, please do not send daily snacks to school for your child that contain nuts or peanuts/peanut butter.  Some examples of tree nuts include (but are not limited to):  walnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans and pine nuts.

     Please remind your child not to share food or snacks at school.  If you have any questions you can contact, Mrs. Burns, our school nurse at 508-497-9876.


    Water Bottles: Since our room does not have a bubbler, your child may bring in a water bottle to have at his/her desk.  Please make sure your child’s name is on it. 


    Birthdays: Birthdays will be celebrated throughout the year, but will be done in a different way.  I am asking not to have treats sent in for birthdays.  There are many children who have food allergies and we need to be careful.  Instead, your child will be the line leader for the day and will also wear his/her own birthday crown.  The child will also get a special birthday pencil at the office.  You may send in special non-food items such as a book for the class, new crayons or markers for our centers, pencils or stickers if you want to further recognize your child’s special day.  July and August birthdays are celebrated in June before school is over!  

            **No invitations for birthday parties should be sent into school.** 

    Room Parents: There will be a sign up sheet for Room Parents at Open House.


    Mystery Readers:  This is for parents and grandparents who would like to come in and read a story to the class. Look for a sign-up sheet at Open House.  You will need to fill out a CORI Form to be able to come into the classroom.