•                                       Traveling to Kenya
    You have been given the opportunity to visit Kenya
    What should you learn about the country before you go? This project will be done during library time.
     We will use some research resources to find
    information.  We will be using the World Book Student and the Britannica Online encyclopedias to find information.
     Transforming We will be taking notes on the information we find. Make sure you take notes in your own words. They should be short, no more than a few words, and they should answer your questions.  Make sure you know where each bit of information comes from.  Write down the title of the book or website that you use.
     We will be creating a t-shirt to share our information.
    You will also need to think of a way to illustrate something about the country. 
     Evaluating Think about the research process. What was easy for you to do?  What was difficult?