• Safety
    Elmwood School, Hopkinton, MA

    We require all visitors to Elmwood to sign in at the office before proceeding to their destination.  Please fill out a yellow visitor sticker for identification purposes.  When leaving be sure to sign-out and remove your sticker.  If you need to unexpectedly pick your child up before dismissal time you may be asked to provide identification.  Do not go to the classroom.  We will call your child to the office.  This is done for the protection of your child.  We know you will appreciate our precautions and thoroughness.   


    School Bus safety needs to be everyone's business. Please take the time to review with your child the Hopkinton bus rules listed in Elmwood School Expectations. Children need to remember that the rules for cars and buses are the same. Students must remain seated throughout the ride, keeping their hands to themselves and their voices relatively soft. A bus driver's job is not an easy one. Many of the roads in Hopkinton are narrow and windy. The driver needs to concentrate and keep his/her eyes on the road to ensure student safety. Remember too, it is illegal to pass a bus whose lights are flashing, even in our parking lot.