Welcome to the new Human Resources Department web page! Here you will find many resources and tools available to our current and future staff.  Find out who we are and how we can help by selecting the Contact Us link to your left.  Current announcements are listed below.  Select each heading to find more information.  Once you have checked it out, let us know if you feel something is missing. Thanks for stopping by!


    1099-HC Forms Arriving this Month!

    Please check your U.S. Mail at home for your 1099-HC forms.  If you participated in either/or both of our Medical Plans in 2018 (Blue Cross and/or Tufts), the providers will be sending 1099-HC forms to your home.  You'll need these forms when filing your 2018 MA Income Tax.


    Did you know you can participate in a 403(b)?  Find out how you can benefit.  Check out the 403(b) Universal Availability Notice 2019
    Employee Self-Service Payroll Information
    Some exciting news from the Payroll Office!  The town set up an Employee Self Service website that provides payroll information for all employees.   
    The Employee Self Service page is a snapshot of what is currently in MUNIS.  At this time we only programmed the Employee Master screen, which will show you what your current rate of pay is, what your accrual balances are for Sick, Vacation and Personal time, your demographic information such as address and phone numbers, and what you are claiming for exemptions for Federal and State taxes.  You will also be able to view and print your check stubs back to the inception of MUNIS and see your W2!  
    Your User name will always be  your first initial last name and last four of your SS#
              ie)  jsmith1234
    Your temporary password is the last four of your social security number, you will be prompted to change that password when you first log in.
    When you log in and change your password, click 'Employee Self Service' on the left to see your account information.

    Review at your leisure.  A great feature under the accruals section--click on 'Show time off' and colored cubes show up on the months.  Click on a cube, and it will tell you the date that was entered during a payroll.
    We want you to feel that your association with Hopkinton Public Schools will be a mutually beneficial and pleasant one. Hopkinton takes great pride in its community and its schools, and is dedicated to creating a world-class public education system. Our employees are committed to our mission to equip all students with the skills and knowledge to become productive citizens and lifelong learners by providing appropriate learning opportunities in a physical, social, and emotional environment that fosters fulfillment of each student’s potential. Your creativity, ideas and work contributions are part of a team effort that focuses on meeting the needs of our students. Our goal is to support you in this work.