• Hopkinton Curriculum and State Frameworks

    In 2011, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) adopted new Curriculum Frameworks for ELA and mathematics based on the Common Core with input from many people statewide. Since the DESE will base the new student assessment program on the new frameworks, aligning our curriculum with the new frameworks, revising student assessments to monitor student progress, and developing high quality lessons that prepare our students to be successful on this next generation of high stakes tests are high priorities for our district.

    According to the DESE website, all of the state's curriculum frameworks are high quality, results driven, and focus on world class standards. They also add that it is important for educators to remember that each of the curriculum frameworks are considered a work in progress, and the state will continue to refine and strengthen them in order to remain current.


    Side by Side Comparison to Previous Frameworks (Crosswalk)

    The following documents compare the new Massachusetts standards for ELA and mathematics (based on the Common Core) to the previous state ELA and mathematics standards.

    PreK-12 ELA Crosswalk  Compares the new 2011 Massachusetts ELA and Literacy Standards with the standards of the ELA Curriculum Framework (2001) and Supplement (2004). (Please note that the 2011 ELA standards also address literacy in history/social studies, science, and technical subjects.)

    PreK-8 Math Crosswalk  Compares the new Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8 2011 Massachusetts standards with the standards of the Mathematics Curriculum Framework (2000) and Supplement (2004)

    HS Math Crosswalk  Compare the new 2011 mathematics model high school course standards with the high school mathematics course standards in the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Framework (2000)


    DESE Assessment Transition Plans

    To help focus our work on aligning to the new Curriculum Frameworks, please refer to transition plans below. The plans describe how we will transition between the old frameworks and the new, and how this will impact high stakes testing, such as MCAS.


    Current State Curriculum Frameworks

    Current Massachusetts Frameworks  Link to all current Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks

    Curriculum Mapping Tools

    Hopkinton Peer Review Tool