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Hopkins School divides its students, teachers, and classrooms into teams for a variety of reasons.  We try to build a smaller, more intimate community for our learners increasing their sense of identity and belonging.  Teams often work with similar themes and joint projects.  Additionally, the team structure allows for more effective school management of logistics and scheduling.  Our teams are named after National Parks.

Grade 4

Team Sequoia: Ms. Rizzardi, Ms. Esdale, Ms. Fox and Ms. Law, Ms. Liscinsky

Team Zion: Ms. Pires, Ms. Davidshofer, Ms. McHugh, Ms. Daubman

Team Glacier: Mr. Bernstein, Mr. Davan and Ms. Audet, Ms. Tortorella and Ms. Clark, Ms. Pendleton

Grade 5

Team Denali: Ms. Wilkie and Ms. Calnan, Ms. Tremblay, Ms. Jordan

Team Acadia: Ms. Feldman and Ms. Berg, Ms. Saunders, Ms. Sullivan, Ms. Fumarola and Ms. Maw

Team Bryce: Mr. White, Ms. Kaufman, Ms. Siegel and Ms. Moran

Flex: Ms. Stefancik, Mrs. Kramer and Mrs. Cogran will rotate between classrooms and teams.