• Physical and Chemical Changes

    1. Interactive videos for identifying physical and chemical change (interactive video)
    2. Is the change a physical or a chemical change? (interactive quiz)
    3. Interactive quiz for understanding the definitions of physical and chemical changes (quiz)
    4. Watch the video, then test yourself.
    5. Physical and chemical change examples (quizlet)
    6. Practice identifying chemical properties, physical properties, physical changes, and chemical changes (webpage
    7. Quizlet vocabulary
    8. "Physical and Chemical Changes"(BrainPOP jr video or BrainPOP video)

    Compounds and Mixtures 

    • BrainPOP (username: hpsms, password: hillers)
    • Rap on Compound and Mixtures
    • Compounds and mixtures vocabulary
    • BrainPOP "Compound and Mixtures" video 
    • BBC's "Elements and Compounds" video
    • Scholastic's difference between Elements and Compounds video
    • Iron and Sulfur - video example of a mixture and a compound 
    • Sodium and chlorine - video example of a mixture and a compound


    Atoms, Elements, and Molecules

     Phases of Matter

    • BrainPOP (username: hpsms, password: hillers)
    • Phase changes vocabulary practice
    • Phases of matter animation
    • Phases of water (includes advanced concepts) song
    • Phase changes article

    Layers of the earth and plate tectonics

    • BrainPOP (username: hpsms, password: hillers)
    • Layers of earth rap
    • National Geographic's Journey to the Center of the Earth video 
    • National Geographic's Down to the Earth's Core video
    • Interactive dynamic earth (tool)
    • Plate tectonics vocabulary
    • Continental Drift: Alfred Wegener's song 
    • Explore landforms along plate boundaries (tool)
    • View of the great rift valley (watch first and then second)
    • San Andreas Fault video
    • Plate tectonics vocabulary (quizlet)
    • National Geographic overview of plate tectonics (video)
    • Trip down to the deepest known point of Mariana's trench (video)

    Weathering, erosion, and deposition

    • BrainPOP (username: hpsms, password: hillers)
    • BrainPOP weathering
    • BrainPOP erosion
    • TMW media on glaciation (video)
    • Glencoe's virtual lab on weathering (tool)
    • Glencoe's virtual lab on glacial deposits (lab)

    Deepen your understanding of the rock cycle

    • BrainPOP (username: hpsms, password: hillers)
    • Bill Nye on rocks and soil (video
    • Rock cycle quizlet vocabulary
    • Pearson's Hill Interactive rock cycle (animation)
    • Annenberg Learner interactive rock cycle (animation)
    • PBS interactive rock cycle (animation)
    • "Rocks rock harder" music video (lyrics are here)
    • Rock cycle rap
    • Understanding compaction and cementation (animation
    • Locations of sedimentary rocks, cementation and compaction ( site2)
    • Sediments -Weathering and Erosion photo gallery
    • Geographic locations for igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks (website)
    • Volcano photo gallery

    Topographic Maps

    • BrainPOP (username: hpsms, password: hillers)
    • View topographic map of any place in the country (tool)
    • How to create a contour profile (website)
    • 3D topographic view of a hill, valley, and cliff (interactive tool)
    • Learning how to read topographic maps (interactive tool)
    • GPS and the quest for pizza (video)

    Properties of Matter and the instruments to measure them

    • BrainPOP (username: hpsms, password: hillers)
    • The Mystery of Matter - Into Thin Air video
    • Understanding mass, volume, and density BrainPOP or BrainPOPjunior
    • Properties of matter vocabulary
    • Scientific instruments vocabulary
    • How to make a homemade lava lamp video
    • Density column example
    • Seven layer density tower video

    Observations, inferences, and scientific methodology

    • Observations and inferences vocabulary practice 
    • Scientific method song