• HHS Scheduling Documents for 2018-2019
    Program of Studies PDF
    8th Grade Forms (incoming 9th Grade)  
    8th Grade Parent Night Handout  
    8th Grade Student Meeting PowerPoint Presentation  
    8th Grade Scheduling Timeline PDF
    Entering Course Requests in PowerSchool Portal DOC
    2018-2019, Grade 9 Course Offerings PDF 
    Helpful Guide to Scheduling for 8th Grade  
    Typical 4 Year Plan  
    Honors Criteria  
    Override Consideration Form Grade 9 Form
    Forms, Grade 9-11 (2018-2019, 10-12)  
    Scheduling Timeline  
    Entering Course Requests in PowerSchool Portal DOC 
    Course Offerings  
      2018-2019, Grade 10, year of graduation 2021  PDF
      2018-2019, Grade 11, year of graduation 2020  PDF
      2018-2019, Grade 12, year of graduation 2019  PDF
    Scheduling Pointers  
    Slide Show from Class Meetings  
       Class of 2021 PDF 
       Class of 2020 PDF 
       Class of 2019 PDF 
    New Courses for 2018-19 PDF 
    Override Consideration Form Form 
    Online Course Options  
           VHS Application PDF 
      TEC Online Academy Options URL 
           TEC Online Application PDF