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Frequently Asked Questions


PowerSchool - Student Information System

Create Parent Account

Q. How do I reset my PowerSchool Account, I am locked out?

a. Click on this link to the PowerSchool Portal login page. Click on "Forgot Username or Password" and follow the instructions to reset your password. If this process does not work please email Lisa Carty at

Q. How do I add a student to my PowerSchool account?

a. Parents are issued an access id and password for each student that attends Hopkinton Public Schools. Each school will send out a letter via email with this information after registration is complete.

Q. How do we get Report Cards?

a. Report cards are made available after each marking term is complete and the grading window closes. You can access report card in the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Report cards are not available from the mobile app. In addition you can request a copy from your student's school with advanced notice.

Q. How do I find my bus routes for my Students? 

a. Please log into the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on the Infofinder-busing link located on the left side of the page. You can then enter your address and find your bus number and bus stop? See more details on the transportation page.



Email and Phone Communications

Q. Do I need to sign up to receive district and school level messages?

a. Yes, you need to create a SchoolMessenger account and update your contact information and give permission for the district to call or email you for non-emergency purposes.

Q. Have you stopped receiving messages from the district?

a. If you have received messages in the past the most likely reason is that you have unsubscribed from one our distribution lists and have been added to a blocked list. Please email Lisa Carty ( or Linda Henderson ( and let them know you may be blocked.

Q. When will the school district use phones?

a. Phone calls are reserved typically for emergencies and absentee calls. When sending emergency message we use an internal emergency category that forces all phone calls to families. If your student is absent from school you will get a call from the nurse.

HS 1:1 Program

Q. How can I make my Laptop lease payments?

a. Make payments online via MySchoolBucks or the Unipay website. You can make checks payable to "Hopkinton Public Schools." Starting this fall balances will be made available in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Q. How do I register for the 1:1 Laptop Program at HHS?

a. Each February the technology opens an online application process to all 8th grade parents. The link becomes available in the Paren Portal, students that register beyond the deadline can still participate in a lease if laptops are available in the summer. Please contact Maegan Cox ( in the technology office for help with registration.

Q. How do BYOD students get access to district software?

a. All BYOD students have access to the same software that leased students have in district. For example, all students get access to an Adobe cloud account, Geometer's Sketchpad, and Logger Pro. In addition, all students starting in first grade have access to a Google educational account with age appropriate permissions.

Q. My student broke their laptop now what?

a. Students participating in the lease program now have access to accidental damage protection and warranty coverage. Students should bring their laptop to the HS Technology Center and have their laptops diagnosed. We will provide a loaner while repairing their laptop. BYOD students can come to the Tech Center for basic tech support but the district is not allowed to repair hardware.

Q. Do students have administrative rights on their laptop?

a. Students do not have administrative rights to their computer until their senior year when the lease is paid in full. Students can still access software and software updates via the self-service store on their computers. Students can also submit a ticket for having additional programs added to the store. Parents can request that a parent administrative account be set up for them to use on their student's laptop. Please email Randi Gustavson ( at the HHS Tech Center for support.

Q. When are payments due?

a. All laptop payments become due starting in November every year and need to be made before May 2nd. We give parents a large window so they have flexibility throughout the year. If we don't receive payments by May 2nd we will begin locking student's computers after exams end until we receive your annual payment.

Q. What type of web filtering takes place at home?

a. Leased laptops have a take home web filter that works on home networks. These filters are managed and maintained by the school system to allow for a safe browsing experience at home. If you see inappropriate sites being accessed at home please report the site name to Chapin Porcella at

Q. When are laptops distributed?

a. All leased and daily use laptops are distributed to 9th grade students during orientation in late August each year. If you miss orientation you can stop by the HS Tech Center to pickup your laptop after orientation between 8am and 3pm. 

Q. What the hardware Requirements for the 1:1?

a. Please keep in mind that balance is often the best approach when picking the right components for a laptop. You should balance processor speed with battery life. In addition, think about how you will use the machine. If you are using it for basic school work and web browsing stick to the recommended specifications. If you plan on doing a lot of movie editing, high-end gaming, or graphic design you may want to pick a model with a lot of ram, a fast processor and a bigger hard drive.

BYOD - Hardware Specifications

Specification Minimum Recommended ADvanced
Screen Size 9.7" - 13.3" 13.3" 13.3"-15"
Processor Speed i3 - 2.0 - 2.5GHz i5 - 2.7-2.9GHz i7 - 2.0-3.1 GHz
Storage 128 gb 256 gb 512 gb
Ram 4 gb 8 gb 16 gb
Battery Life 6 Hrs 8 Hrs 12 Hrs
Wireless Protocol IEEE 802.11n IEEE 802.11ac IEEE 802.11ac




MS 1:1 Learning - Chromebooks

Q. What type of web filtering takes place at home?

a.Chromebooks have a take home web filter that works on home networks. These filters are managed and maintained by the school system to allow for a safe browsing experience at home. If you see inappropriate sites being accessed at home please report the site name to Chapin Porcella at

Q. When do students pick up their Chromebooks?

a. Students receive their Chromebooks the first two days of school and they pcik them up in their homerooms.

Q. Where do they go to get support?

a. Students can receive technology support in the Middle School library near the circulation desk.

Q. What happens if they damage their Chromebooks?

a. Chromebooks have accidental damage protection coverage through the district that covers the device for one damage per year. If a device is damaged more than that the family will be charged for the cost of the repair.

Q. Can they store files on the local drive?

a. Chromebooks to have local storage drives up to 16gb for keeping local files. However, we encourage all students to store files in Google drive because Chromebooks are wiped each summer to prepare them for the new year.