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Apps, Downloads, and Privacy


K-12 Teachers request apps from the Technology department that are vetted for curriculum purposes and student data privacy. Students at the High School can request applications through the Student Help Desk.


Macbooks users at the high school will have access through the self service app (for free) on their device to download Sophos, Graphical Analysis, Logger Pro (must be in district to download),  and Adobe Cloud.


In an effort to ensure the protection and privacy of students and their data, Hopkinton Public Schools has been working diligently to review and improve the effectiveness of our technology practices. These efforts strengthen our support of  both the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA), as well as the Massachusetts student record regulations,.

We are taking multiple steps to ensure that student data is always protected.

  1. A new software vetting process began in November 2017. Teachers and high school students now request applications to be approved for usage through our Helpdesk Ticket System

  2. We have joined the National Consortium for Student Data Privacy to streamline the vetting process. The site also provides transparency about the status of the applications that are approved for use within the district. 

  3. We will continue to educate staff and students by:

    • Reviewing all applications and digital resources to ensure they meet state and federal guidelines during the school year.

    • Continue to train staff and students on password safety and improved digital literacy practices.