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Technology Services



Welcome to the Hopkinton Public School's Technology Department. In this section you will find important information about our technology program. Each school has a technology support office which houses technology integration staff and technical support personnel. Technology integration is a collaborative service that helps teachers and students use technology within the curriculum to enhance student learning as well as to streamline teaching and learning workflows.

Technical support provides teachers and students with support for hardware, software, and networking issues. While each school has a technology office, the district technology office is located in the Central Administration building at 89 Hayden Rowe Street, Hopkinton, MA.

Hopkinton Public Schools believes technology will help all students and educators learn and continuously grow as independent, confident, resilient and thoughtful individuals willing to explore new ideas, reflect on progress, and challenge themselves. Technology supports collaboration and differentiated instructional programs to accommodate various learning styles and abilities.

Furthermore, technology enables self-directed learning opportunities and helps bring about a closer global society by extending learning beyond the traditional classroom.

Technology improves communication between teachers and students, which encourages student growth and the exchange of ideas and feedback. Students and teachers will utilize web 2.0 tools and digital resources to better prepare students to work in a 21st Century environment in which a diverse set of skills and expertise are required. Students will leverage these tools in the classroom to learn how to collaborate, analyze data, and be effective members of a team.


Hopkinton’s Philosophy of Technology in Education:

Technology aims to enhance student learning by creating personalized, student-centered learning environments where every student has equal access to the curriculum. However, it the district’s understanding that not all curriculum is improved with the use of technology. Technology rather needs to be used to enhance the learning when appropriate and when it helps students reach specific learning outcomes. Therefore, the district fully supports a balanced culture of technology integration and more classical educational strategies.

It’s the district’s belief that technology can truly improve teaching and learning when implemented correctly and will work to provide a supportive culture for educators and students with the notion that it is okay to fail and try again.


Technology Goals for 2019-2020

  1. Hopkinton Public Schools will migrate to a new web platform starting on July 8th, 2019. The district will work to support and train staff and the community on the new platform as the transition takes place.

  2. Hopkinton Public Schools will work to align current curriculum to new DESE Technology standards.
  3. HPS will begin new data privacy practices this year for all student applications.
  4. HPS will launch a new ELL student management tool called Ellevate in the Fall 2019.
  5. HPS will implement a new data analytics tool via PowerSchool for teachers and administrators to help inform instruction.





    Ashoke Ghosh


    Mr. Ghosh holds a Masters in Educational Administration from American International College, and a Bachelors from Colby College. Ashoke has worked in Hopkinton Public Schools for 9 years, he started in 2011 as the Assistant Principal at HHS and for the last 6 years has been the Director of Technology. Before Hopkinton, Ashoke worked in Springfield Public schools as a High School Biology Teacher and an IB Curriculum Coordinator.