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Hopkinton School Resource Officers

SRO work hard to protect students and faculty on a daily basis. They lead and organize safety drills and work with district administrators and parents to help resolve issues.

Crisis Response Committee:

Developed a crisis response guide which provides step-by-step procedures for the district’s schools and central administrative offices to follow in an emergency, and guidelines for and information about the prevention of and preparation for emergency situations. All school Crisis Response Teams (CRT) and other staff members are urged to provide feedback on these Guidelines as the guide is used. It is a living document that must be regularly updated and improved. Feedback should be directed to the District Safety Committee through the Principals.

The District Safety Committee assists the school district in preparing for emergencies and increasing safety procedures that help to ensure the well being of students and school staff. The committee assists by advising the Superintendent on matters of safety; by recommending policy and procedures; by providing resources and advice before, during and after school crises; by conducting crisis drills and exercises; by providing expertise and training, and by annually evaluating school emergency preparedness and safety and recommending goals for the school system to the Superintendent.



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