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Elmwood School Project

Members of School Building Committee 2

Mike Shepard  -  Member of the community knowledgeable in educational mission and function of facility & MSBA school building experience

Tiffany Ostrander - At-large member of the community

Jagrut Jathal -   Member of the community with architecture, engineering and/or construction experience

Jonathan Graziano - Member of the community with Communications/PR/Marketing/or Facilitator experience

Brendan Tedstone - Select Board Member

Lya Batlle-Rafferty - School Committee Member

Bill Flannery Appropriation Committee Member

Norman Khumalo - Town Manager (non voting member)

Dr. Carol Cavanaugh - Superintendent of Schools (non voting member) 

Susan Rothermich - Hopkinton Public Schools Director of Finance (non voting member)

Anne Carver - Principal, Elmwood School (non voting member)

Tim Persson - HPS Director of Facilities (non voting member

Number of Visits