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KHB - Advertising in the Schools

Policy KHB

Adopted: April 26, 2007
Amended: September 7, 2017

The School Committee recognizes that advertising represents an alternate source of revenue that the schools, school district, and sanctioned school-support organizations might wish to access. The School Committee requires that any advertising revenue or compensation benefit the school district and be carried out in a responsible manner.

School property is a non-public forum. The intent of advertising is to raise funds, not to promote public discourse or a point of view.

Approval of advertisements does not constitute endorsement by the School Committee or the Hopkinton Public Schools of an advertiser’s products, programs, or services.

Advertisements will be restricted to common areas accessible to the public.

The Superintendent, in conjunction with the School Committee, will set advertising rates and approve advertising proposals for school and school district advertising. Advertising revenue will be deposited into a gift account separate from other accounts. The School Committee will designate how the funds may be expended.

The School Committee will allow advertising in school buildings and on school property under the following two conditions:

  1. The Superintendent approves all advertising content, display and distribution.
  2. An advertiser and his/her/their advertisements are in compliance with the district’s mission, policies, and non-discrimination practices as well as state and federal laws.

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