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KF - Community Use of School Facilities

Policy KF

Adopted: July 18, 2012
Amended: November 16, 2023

It is the School Committee's desire that Hopkinton residents enjoy the use of school property and that such use take place with proper regard to safety and the preservation of the property.

School buildings and other school facilities, including fields, may be used only with permission of the Superintendent or his/her/their designee and in accordance with the Community Use Procedures Handbook. Such permission will be granted for a period of time no longer than one school year and with the understanding that use shall be subject to cancellation for school activities, school related functions, Hopkinton town meetings and elections, or breach of user agreement. Permission to use school facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the school district of any person, organization or religion, or of any ideas or beliefs that the person or organization represents.

An agreement has been formed between the Hopkinton School Committee and Hopkinton Parks and Recreation Commission regarding the joint oversight and management of the turf fields (fields 4 & 5). Such agreement will be managed by an “Oversight Committee” who shall meet prior to the development of each fiscal year budget, as well as prior to each playing season. Any requests for rental of the turf fields will be considered based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Hopkinton Public Schools and the Hopkinton Parks & Recreation.

School facilities shall not be available for community use prior to school opening each day, except that the High School Athletic Center may be open to the public before school opening each day, if staffing or appropriate supervision allows. The Town of Hopkinton may use the School facilities during school hours for the purpose of local, state and federal elections, votes and referenda questions. The Superintendent or his/her designee may allow school support groups to use unoccupied spaces before or during the school day if such use does not constitute a disruption to regular school activities and when an educational, recreational, social, civic, or philanthropic purpose will be served.

Use of school buildings and other school facilities or property after school hours may be permitted when an educational, recreational, social, civic, or philanthropic purpose will be served, and when such use will not interfere with the use of such buildings or facilities for school purposes. During the summer months when school is not in session, use of school facilities is limited to educational and recreational activities organized for Hopkinton youth and adults, and to exceptional rentals approved by the Superintendent. All such activities must be requested and scheduled in accordance with the Community Use Procedure Handbook. No access to elementary classrooms by non-school or non-school support groups will be allowed at any time.

The Superintendent or his/her designee will establish and maintain administrative procedures and regulations (including a User Permit Application and Agreement and Community Use Procedure Handbook) to implement this policy periodically. If the agreement is not followed by the user(s) or fees are not paid in a timely fashion, the district reserves the right to withdraw the permits for a time period determined by the Superintendent or his/her/their designee. Requests for use of school facilities will be considered in the following order of priority:

  1. Hopkinton public school activities and school-related functions;

  2. Hopkinton Annual Town Meetings and elections

  3. Meetings of Town Boards and Committees;

  4. Events sponsored by school support groups;

  5. Recreational leagues that are open to all Hopkinton adults;

  6. Events of an educational, recreational, social, civic or philanthropic purpose sponsored by Hopkinton-based organizations where at least 75% of the organization's members are Hopkinton residents;  

  7. Any event with an educational, recreational, social, civic or philanthropic purpose open to Hopkinton residents.

The following four program Groups have been established for the purpose of defining user fees.

Group I – Programs that will not be charged a Rental Fee

  • Hopkinton Public School events and activities

  • Town Meeting, Town Elections, and Town Department and Board meetings

  • Non-revenue generating programs run by organizations with a special affiliation to the Hopkinton Public Schools, so-recognized by the Superintendent and/or his/her/their designee


Group II – Programs run by school support organizations, which generate revenue

  • Revenue-generating programs run by organizations with a special affiliation to the Hopkinton Public Schools, so-recognized by the Superintendent and/or his/her/their designee

Group III – Programs run by Town Departments and Hopkinton Public Schools-Affiliated Groups

  • Recreation Department or Town Department revenue-generating programs

  • Programs of any youth/adult group community, philanthropic, artistic, or recreational nonprofit organization, whose principal office or official business address is located within the geographical boundaries of the Town of Hopkinton and whose membership/participants consists of at least 75% Hopkinton residents. Rosters may be requested by Hopkinton Public Schools for the verification of the percentage of residents.

Group IV – Programs Sponsored by All Other Groups and Organizations

  • Group IV rates will apply to programs of all groups, organizations, or activities which do not meet the requirements of Groups I, II or III including individuals, private and commercial groups, societies, religious organizations, non-profits not based in Hopkinton, and registered public charities.

Procedure References:

KF-FRM1 User Permit Application and Agreement

KF-REF1 Rental Fee Schedule

Agreement Between the Hopkinton Public Schools Athletic Department and the Hopkinton Park and Recreation Department

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