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KCD - Gifts to the Schools or the School District

Policy KCD

Adopted: December 3, 1981
Amended: November 2, 2017

The School Committee appreciates gifts given to the school district by community members, businesses, and support organizations. Gifts to the school district become the property of the school district, and are deposited in a separate account and expanded at the discretion of the Committee as provided by law (MGL 71.37A). The Committee will consider the donor’s intended purpose, as long as it is in line with district goals or needs.

The Superintendent may accept gifts to the school district up to a value of $100 for school use, provided that the Superintendent has determined that these gifts have educational value. Gifts to the school district with a monetary value in excess of $100 require an affirmative vote of the School Committee to be accepted.

Legal References:

M.G.L. Ch. 44-53A; Ch. 71-37A

Cross Reference:

Procedure Reference:

KCD-FRM1 Gift Funding Approval Form

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