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KCB - Community Involvement and Communication

Policy KCB

Adopted: March 5, 2015
Amended: N/A

The School Committee endorses the concept that community participation in the schools is essential if the school system and the community are to maintain mutual confidence and respect and work together to improve the quality of education for students. The School Committee intends to exert every effort to identify the interests of the community and to be responsive, through its actions, to those interests.

All citizens are encouraged to express ideas, concerns, and/or questions about the schools to the school administration, to any appointed advisory bodies, and to the School Committee. Citizens may utilize a variety of channels directed to the school district, including but not limited to, telephone communications, e-mail, school councils, public forums, and public participation at School Committee meetings.

The School Committee advises that the most respectful expression of ideas occurs when this takes place at the most appropriate level within the school’s administration team.

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