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JRA - Student Records

Policy JRA

Adopted: April 2, 2009
Amended: N/A

The school district must maintain extensive student information in order to provide appropriate educational services to students. The district must employ safeguards to insure that confidentially of this information is maintained and that information is available, where and when appropriate, to parents or guardians, appropriate school personnel, students, and state and federal agencies as required by law.

The superintendent will ensure that parents are informed of the rights that they have to access student information.

The superintendent will ensure that student records are maintained or destroyed in compliance with state and federal laws, that regulations are developed that are in accord with law and regulations, and that all principals are familiar with the regulations. The superintendent will make certain that school principals allow only authorized personnel to have access to all or part of the student’s records and that all district procedures are followed.

The Hopkinton Public Schools adheres to the laws and regulations regarding student records as documented in MA Law 603 CMR 23.00. Families should note that schools will always seek parent/guardian consent for the transfer of records to new schools when a student is transferring from Hopkinton to another school district. However, as noted in 603 CMR 23.07, families should also be aware that if necessary, Hopkinton schools can provide student records to receiving schools (where Hopkinton students have enrolled or seek to enroll) without parent or student consent.  For additional information regarding student records, please refer to the School Committee policy on Student Records.

Legal References:

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, P.L. 93-380, Amended.

P.L. 103-382, 1994

M.G.L. 66:10 71:34A, B, D, E, H

603 CMR: Massachusetts Dept. Of Education 23.00 through 23:12 as amended August 15, 2006.

Cross References:

KBBA, Non-Custodial Parents' Rights, adopted December 21, 2006

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