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JQA - Fees

Policy JQA

Adopted: May 17, 2007
Amended: N/A

The School Committee aims to provide varied opportunities for the students of Hopkinton. However, the School Committee recognizes that, at times, it must charge fees to cover expenses that cannot be covered within the regular school budget.

Fee rates are set by the School Committee. Fees that are charged for a given purpose must be used exclusively for that purpose.

Students who qualify for free or reduced price school lunches under the National School Lunch eligibility guidelines are exempt from all fees. In addition, the Superintendent or designee may waive fees for any student whose parents or guardians demonstrate financial need. This process shall be confidential.

Fees paid for co-curricular programs allow students to participate in the program, but do not guarantee the level of participation.

If a student is unable to participate in a program for at least half of the planned duration of the program due to illness or injury, the fee shall be refunded. The school district will not refund fees if a student is dismissed from a program due to disciplinary or scholastic problems or if a student voluntarily ceases to participate.

Legal References:

M.G.L. 71:68; 71:47; 71:26C

Cross References:

EEA Transportation

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Fee Application Process

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