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JLCH - Head Injury Policy

Policy JLCH

Adopted: November 3, 2011
Amended: N/A

The Hopkinton School Committee recognizes that head injuries sometimes occur during physical activities such as the athletics or extracurricular programs and that such injuries can have serious medical consequences for the injured student if appropriate and immediate actions are not taken.  Furthermore, the Committee recognizes that the district must do what is prudent and in compliance with state law and regulation to reduce the likelihood of head injuries in the first place.

Therefore, and in accordance with 201 CMR 006, the Committee directs the Superintendent to form a Head Injury Committee composed of administrator, school nurse, school and/or team physician, athletic director, certified athletic trainer, guidance counselor, and teacher to develop procedures and review then every two years.  This committee will consult with the district Wellness Advisory Committee.  These procedures shall address:

  • Responsibilities of the Athletic Director, coaches, athletic trainer, and school nurse; 
  • Maintenance of records;
  • Documentation of physical examination consistent with 105 CMR 200.100(B)(3);
  • Review of medical information;
  • Training requirements for students, their parents, and coaches;
  • Pre-participation requirements;
  • How to identify a head injury or suspected concussion;
  • How to report head injuries and to whom the report should be made;
  • Parental notification of head injuries;
  • Medical clearance protocol to resume participation after an injury;
  • Conditions for exclusion from participation if necessary; and 
  • Protocol for graduated reentry to the activity once medical clearance has been given.

The School Committee also directs the Superintendent to designate the Athletic Director or other school personnel with administrative authority to be responsible for the implementation of the procedures developed by the Head Injury Committee.  In accordance with 105 CMR 201.00, the Athletic Director shall affirm on school or district letterhead by January 1, 2012 to the Department of Public Health that the policy and procedures have been developed by the Head Injury Committee, and every two years thereafter that policies have been reviewed and revised if necessary by the same committee. 

This policy and associated procedures shall be incorporated into the Middle and High School Student Handbook and the Athletic Handbook.

Legal References:

M.G.L. c. 111, § 22

105 CMR 201.00

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