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JL PRC-1 Mandated Reporter Protocol

JL PRC-1 Mandated Reporter Protocol

The Hopkinton Public School District stresses the importance of protecting children from abuse and neglect as defined​ in ​Mass. ​G.L. c. 119, §51A​, et seq.

Massachusetts law defines among others, public and private school teachers, nurses, educational administrators, guidance or adjustment counselors, psychologists, attendance officers, social workers, day care providers, health care professionals, court and public safety officials as mandated reporters.

Under ​G.L. c. 119, §51A​, a mandated reporter must immediately report to DCF when he/she/they has/have reasonable cause to believe that a child under the age of eighteen years is suffering physical or emotional injury resulting from: 1) abuse, including sexual abuse, which causes harm or substantial risk of harm to the child's health or welfare; 2) neglect, including malnutrition, or 3) physical dependence upon an addictive drug at birth.

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education maintains the following 2010 Joint Advisory for school districts regarding reporting suspected neglect or abuse

Although mandated reporters may report directly to DCF, Hopkinton Public school mandated reporters are encouraged to adhere to the following protocol.

1. Notify the building administrator of the suspected abuse or neglect as defined above.

2. The building administrator or his/her/their designee must make the oral report to DCF immediately, and then make a written report to DCF within 48 hours. On weekdays between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., reports can be telephoned to the local DCF area office based on where the child resides. Before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m. during weekdays, weekends and holiday, calls should be made to the DCF Child-At-Risk Hotline at 1-800-792-5200.

3. In addition to filing a report with DCF, a mandated reporter may contact local law enforcement authorities or the Office of the Child Advocate about the suspected abuse or neglect.

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