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Policy JJH

January 8, 2009

Policy Amended
December 17, 2009


     All student field trips that include late night or overnight travel must have prior approval of the School Committee. Initial approval by the School Committee is required before engaging students in fundraising activities. The School Committee will consider the educational value of a trip in relation to the cost prior to granting initial approval. An overnight trip should offer significant educational benefits to students that clearly justify the time and expense of the trip. Each trip should be appropriate for the grade level(s) of the participating students.


Final approval will not be granted until all preparations for the trip have been completed including, but not limited to, all logistical details involving transportation, accommodation arrangements and fundraising efforts. The School Committee requires that final approval be sought no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date, unless the activity could not have been reasonably planned in that time frame, in which case the Superintendent will have discretion to approve the trip.


Teachers and other school staff are prohibited from soliciting participation or funding for privately run trips through the school system and in the schools. The School Committee will review for approval only school-sanctioned trips. The School Committee will not review nor will it approve trips that are privately organized and run without school sanctioning.


Unless provision has been made in the annual budget to finance the field trip, the sponsoring group is to provide its own financing by charging fees or conducting fund-raising. However, no student should be denied a grade level educational field trip opportunity because of financial hardship. This does not ordinarily include small group trips, such as trips abroad that are not offered to all students.


Determination of financial hardship and level of family contribution will be a confidential, discretionary decision by the principal, using a district-wide consistent measure to determine eligibility.


Students participating in field trips must adhere to general school rules and codes of conduct. Any student who violates the rules or codes of conduct may be sent home. In this case, the student’s parent/guardian will either pick up the student from the field trip location or be responsible for any expense incurred in sending the student home. Further disciplinary action may be taken in accordance with policies governing student behavior.


If medications are to be administered, they will be administered in a manner consistent with the district’s Distribution of Medication Policy JLCD and JLCD-FRM1.


The school’s Consent/Waiver is required for all students who participate in any field trip.


Adequate chaperone coverage must be provided on each field trip and should be approved by the principal or superintendent, as appropriate, prior to the trip. Chaperones must be cleared through the Massachusetts Criminal Offender Records Information (CORI) system before being approved.



First Reading

November 20, 2008

December 4, 2008


Second Reading

December 18, 2008


Third Reading

January 8, 2009



January 8, 2009


Policy Amended

December 17, 2009


Legal References

CHAPTER 346 OF THE ACTS OF 2002 (et al) approved on October 9, 2002

M.G.L. 69:1B; 71:37N


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