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JJA - Student Organizations

Policy JJA

Adopted: January 8, 2009
Amended: September 22, 2016

Students in the Hopkinton Public Schools shall be encouraged to form organizations that contribute to student involvement and performance. Such organizations shall operate within the framework of state statutes, School Committee policies, and administrative procedures.

The purposes and objectives of all school-funded student organizations must be consistent with the mission and values of the school and district and support the curriculum. The Principal will assure that this consistency exists in any student organization that he/she approves.

All student organizations shall open membership to all interested and/or eligible students. Students’ participation may not be restricted in any explicit or implied manner based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, homelessness or gender identity.

Legal References:

603 CMR 26.06

Adapted References:

Massachusetts Association of School Committee's Policy 2008

School Committee Policies