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Student Advisory Committee/Student Council Communication

Policy JIBC

Adopted: February 17, 2011
Amended: N/A

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As required by state law, the School Committee will meet at least once every other month while school is in session with its Student Advisory Committee, which is composed of five students elected by the high school student body.  The chair of the Student Advisory Committee shall be an ex-officio non-voting member of the School Committee without the right to attend executive sessions unless the School Committee votes to allow attendance at a particular session.

The student body will elect four students to the Student Advisory Committee from its Student Council membership to equal one from each high school class.  The President of the High School Student Council will chair the Student Advisory Committee and will represent it at School Committee meetings.

The Student Council and the principal will first discuss any matters pertaining to student government that are to be placed by the Student Advisory Committee on a School Committee agenda.

A member of the Student Advisory Committee will take minutes at all Student Advisory Committee meetings and at School Committee meetings when student body activities are being discussed.  These minutes will be discussed at the next Student Council meeting.

Legal References:

Chapter 71, §38M 

School Committee Policies