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JH-School Attendance

Policy JH

Adopted: December 16, 2010
Amended: January 16, 2020

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The Committee recognizes that regular and punctual school attendance is essential for success in school, and that the district shares responsibility with parents in ensuring that students attend school regularly in accordance with Massachusetts General Law. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their student(s) attend school regularly and punctually, and the school is responsible for notifying parents consistent with Ch. 76 §1A if their student is absent from school.

Excused Absences or Tardiness

Students may be excused from attending school or being tardy for the following reasons:

  • Chronic or Long-term Illness or quarantine,
  • Bereavement,
  • Weather so inclement as to endanger the student’s health and safety,
  • Observance of religious holidays in accordance with the family’s religious beliefs,
  • Other exceptional reasons with prior approval of the school’s Principal. As written in each school’s handbook, parents shall provide an explanation for a student’s absence or tardiness, either in writing or via telephone to the school nurse.

Extended Absence

Students who will be out of school for extended periods of time (1 month or more) should contact their building principal to inform the school. The school district will not be responsible for curriculum, instruction, or assessments missed during this absence.

Denial of School Attendance

The following will be grounds for denying a student’s attendance in the Hopkinton Public Schools:

  • Previous graduation from high school or equivalent secondary school curriculum,
  • Failure to meet age requirements for kindergarten entry (Policy JEB),
  • Expulsion from another Massachusetts public school in the same school year,
  • Residency outside of Hopkinton unless allowed under School Choice or in the case of international students, a proper visa,
  • Failure to comply with Massachusetts’ requirements for immunizations at ages set by the Department of Health,
  • Failure to meet residency requirements of the Hopkinton Public Schools Admissions and Residency Policy (JF).

Attendance Officer

The school district employs an Attendance Officer consistent with the requirements of Ch. 76 §19. The Attendance Officer is required to investigate all cases brought to his/her attention by a Principal when a student fails to attend school regularly or is habitually tardy, or if a student’s attendance could be denied based on the conditions listed above.

It is a crime for a responsible parent or guardian not to cause a student to attend school. If a student fails to attend school for seven full-day sessions or fourteen half-day sessions within any six-month period, the supervisor of attendance may file a complaint in court against the parent and/guardian who is responsible for the student.

The Attendance Officer will also determine if anyone has unlawfully induced a minor to be absent or truant from school and if so, bring this to the attention of the Superintendent who may bring charges under C. 76 §4.

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603 CMR 26.00

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