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JFBB - School Choice

Policy JFBB

Adopted: November 6, 2008
Amended: January 17, 2019

(Adapted from Massachusetts Association of School Committees policy, revised January 18, 1996)

The School Committee will decide annually before June 1st whether or not to admit non-resident students in compliance with Massachusetts General Law on Interdistrict School Choice. If the District were to participate, it would do so under the following conditions: 

1. By May 1st of every school year, the administration will determine the number of spaces in each school and at each grade available to choice students and report this information to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). 

2. Should the School Committee withdraw from the provisions of Interdistrict School Choice, it will do so only after conducting a public hearing prior to June 1st of every school year, and adopting a resolution withdrawing from said obligation. 

3. The district will conduct up to two random drawings when the number of requests for admission exceeds the number of available spaces. The first would take place during the last week of the current school year but no later than July 1st. The second would be prior to November 1st to fill unanticipated openings. 

4. Any student who is accepted for admission under the provisions of this policy is entitled to remain in the district until graduation from high school except if there is a lack of state funding of the program. 

5. The School Committee will give preference in admission to the siblings of any student already enrolled in the district. 

6. The School Committee shall not discriminate in the admission of any child on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, ancestry, athletic performance, homelessness, socioeconomic status, disability, pregnancy or pregnancy-related condition, academic performance, or proficiency in the English language. 

7. Parents or guardians are solely responsible for transporting students to Hopkinton. 

8. Parents must comply with all application procedures and timelines set by the school district. 

First Reading 

October 2, 2008 

September 6, 2018 

January 17, 2019 


Second Reading 

October 16, 2008 


Third Reading 

November 6, 2008 


November 6, 2008 



September 6, 2018 

January 17, 2019 


Legal References 

M.G.L. 76:12B; 76:12C 

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Adapted from Massachusetts Association of School Committees policy, revised January 18, 1996 

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