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JFA - Students on Non-Immigrant Visas

Policy JFA

Adopted: October 20, 2011
Amended: N/A





The School Committee believes there are many benefits for students, schools, and the community when international students with an appropriate visa enroll at Hopkinton High School. Therefore, the Committee encourages the enrollment of international students whenever additional students would not overpopulate the school. The school may accept students on F-1 visas, which require an application process and the payment of tuition and other fees, and J-1 visas, for which students must have a sponsoring organization.


The Hopkinton Public Schools will comply with all relevant laws and regulations of the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), including tracking students in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) and collecting tuition and fees when required. Also to comply with ICE requirements, the district will appoint a Principal Designated School Officer (PDSO) and Designated School Officer (DSO) to oversee the entry and maintenance of information in SEVIS. These officers must be approved by ICE.


The Superintendent, in conjunction with the Director of Finance, shall set the tuition rate for F-1 students each year, using the previous year’s certified per pupil cost as a base and adding any required fees and a handling fee. This information shall be included in the application available through the high school.


By May 1st each year, the principal of Hopkinton High School shall recommend to the Superintendent the number of full time equivalent openings available for tuition-paying F‐1 students the following year. The School Committee must approve the number of openings that will be available.


Students on J-1 visas may be considered for an exchange with our students with the approval of the Principal and Superintendent.


This district will deny admittance to any student who does not meet requirements developed by the high school administration, including evidence of written and spoken English proficiency.  Like all other students, international students will be required to follow the rules, regulations, and policies of the school and district, and may participate in all school-sponsored extra-curricular programs.


First Reading

September 15, 2011


Second Reading

October 6, 2011


Third Reading

October 20, 2011



October 20, 2011


Policy Amended


Legal References

8 CFR 214.2(F) and 214.3


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