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JBB - Educational Equity

Policy JBB

Adopted:  10.27.2022




The school committee believes student populations, when  disaggregated by race/ethnicity, gender/gender identity, national origin, language, special education, socioeconomic status, and mobility, have the same spread of academic abilities and ability to achieve. Therefore, the school district monitors and corrects, through careful investigation and mitigation, any statistical disproportionality in achievement between populations of which we have a large enough sample size. The four broad ways in which we accomplish this are:


  1. Systematically, when appropriate, using district wide and individual school-level data, disaggregated as stated above, to inform district decision-making.  

  2. Dismantling barriers that impede student achievement.

  3. Ensuring equitable access to rigorous and appropriately challenging academic coursework, as well as social-emotional learning opportunities that prepare all students for graduation and success in a diverse local, national, and global community

  4. Striving to eliminate any predictability of disproportionate over-representation of students identified by race/ethnicity, poverty, or gender in special education, discipline referrals and suspensions, and under-representation in honors level or other advanced learning courses or learning experiences.

The Superintendent, upon request, will periodically report to the Committee the progress of the implementation of this policy.

First Reading
May 20, 2021


Second Reading
August 12, 2021


Third Reading
January 20, 2022


Fourth Reading 
March 3, 2022


Fifth Reading 
March 17, 2022


Sixth Reading
October 27, 2022


October 27, 2022


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