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IKFB - Early Graduation

Policy IKFB

Adopted: November 18, 2010
Amended: May 20, 2021

Students may apply for approval with the high school principal to graduate early. Requests for approval for early graduation must be made at least two semesters prior to the desired date of graduation.  Interested students and their families should research options for alternative credit well in advance and should seek the input of their school counselor in developing their plan to complete the graduation requirements.  A review committee comprised of the Principal, Assistant Superintendent, Counseling Department Coordinator, and Special Educator (if applicable) will review requests.  Students who are approved for early graduation must fulfill their graduation requirements by taking required courses or approved alternative courses during freshman, sophomore and/or junior years, or in the summers between those years if necessary (please note: a maximum of 5.0 credits will be allowed for summer courses). If the committee approves its request, the student and their parent or guardian will be required to sign a contract that outlines the student’s plan for completing graduation requirements, which acknowledges that failure to fulfill the terms of the contract may jeopardize the student’s graduation status.  If the committee denies the request for early graduation, the student and their parent or guardian may appeal the decision to the Superintendent.   


Further eligibility requirements after the granting of Early Graduation status:

1.Student eligibility to participate in Senior Week activities will be determined by the review committee.

2. The student may apply for all scholarships for which the graduating class has the opportunity to apply and for which the student is eligible.

3. The student will not be eligible for being designated Valedictorian or Salutatorian of the graduating class.

4. Courses taken over the summer must be courses not offered at the high school and will only be eligible for elective credit and not for requirements toward graduation. 


For more information about early graduation, the student should consult their school counselor or the Counseling Department Coordinator.


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