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Early Acceptance Guidelines 



Certain colleges and/or universities will allow undergraduate programs directly from high school. These institutions request the sending school to award a high school diploma to the student upon successful completion of a college year. 

Therefore, the following administrative guidelines are part of Hopkinton’s School Policies. I. PROCEDURE AND CRITERIA: 

a. Students wishing to avail themselves of early acceptance should make an application to the principal. If the student is under 18 years of age, written parental permission must accompany the application. 

b. Only full-time programs from accredited granting the baccalaureate degree will be considered. 

c. The specific program, including all courses to be taken, along with a standard of performance (not on academic probation) must be approved by the Principal in writing prior to the student’s entrance into the program. 

d. Students entering an Early Acceptance program must receive the recommendation of the Principal and Guidance Counselor. Academic performance, social maturity, and the student’s planning for the freshman year will be considered in the decision. 


a. Early Acceptance students may apply for various scholarship programs available through Hopkinton High School during the spring prior to their entrance to college. 

b. Early Acceptance students will be entitled to participate in senior activities such as proms and graduation exercises provided they pay their dues and other fees. 

c. A full senior year program will be required of an Early Acceptance student failing to successfully complete a college year program who returns to Hopkinton to complete the requirements for a Hopkinton High School Diploma. 

d. Early Acceptance student’s class rank will be reported as of June of their junior year. They will be dropped from class ranking consideration during their freshman year of college. 

e. Early Acceptance students will forfeit their right to any awards and institutional and financial support normally given during their senior year. 

Adoption Date: N/A as #5128 

Policy Form Name Change: 

7.17.2019 Hopkinton School Committee Hopkinton, Massachusetts 

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