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IHBS - Screening Of Children

Policy IHBS

Adopted: June 15, 1978 as #6171.2
Amended: November 19, 2015

 The School Committee recognizes that screening of children is necessary in order for schools and teachers to identify and address individual student’s particular learning needs as quickly as possible. These screening programs will be in full compliance with federal and state Special Education and ELE laws and regulations. Dates of screenings will be advertised annually, as applicable.
An annual screening program will be conducted for children ages three and four whose parents/guardians have requested such screening through the Student Services Department. All children entering kindergarten, except those entering with an Individual Education Program, will be screened no later than October 1 each year.

Each school shall develop screening programs to identify students who require interventions within their school’s Response to Intervention program.


Legal References

IDEA 300.24(b)(3), 300.125, 300.451

34 CFR §300.306(a)(1), 34 CFR §300.308

M.G.L. 71B §3 28.03(1)(d)


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