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IGD - Curriculum Development and Adoption

Policy IGD

Adopted: April 30, 2009
Amended: N/A

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The School Committee recognizes that curriculum development is a critical element of high student achievement and students’ ability to function effectively in the world, and that quality curriculum is best developed through teacher collaboration. Curriculum is defined as a blueprint that:

  1. expresses the desired learning outcomes as understandings, skills, and knowledge;
  2. indicates how learning will be assessed, and
  3. specifies the instructional activities that are appropriate for students to attain the desired learning outcomes.

Curriculum development will be guided by a set of principles. It will:

  • Be based on research
  • Respect parent, student, and community input
  • Align with state curriculum frameworks and, at the high school level, the learning expectations
  • Include Enduring Understandings, which indicate what learning has lasting value beyond the classroom, Essential Questions, which create an inquiry that guides instruction, and knowledge and skills to be attained
  • Incorporate instructional strategies, including strategies to differentiate for students’ learning needs
  • Use multiple and balanced forms of assessment
  • Include cross-disciplinary instruction
  • Use appropriate technology for instruction and assessment
  • Avoid discrimination and bias
  • Be developed and documented in the district curriculum data base
  • Be clear and thus easily understood
  • Be continuously examined and updated based on student assessment results, periodic program evaluation, changes in the state frameworks or other mandates, and teacher creativity and innovation.

The implementation of new curriculum will be supported by carefully chosen instructional materials and professional learning opportunities. Curriculum implementation will be monitored by district and building administrators through dialogue with teachers, classroom observation, data collection, and teacher supervision to guarantee that the curriculum is being followed.

The Superintendent or designee will report to the School Committee substantive revisions to the curriculum and changes in the Program of Study.

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Cross Reference:

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