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GCRD - Tutoring for Pay

Policy GCRD

Adopted: September 21, 2017
Amended: March 18, 2021

Source: MASC 2013

Definition: "Tutoring" means giving private instruction or help to an individual or group for which the teacher receives remuneration other than through the School Committee.

Tutoring should not be the first nor should it be the only intervention. Tutoring is not to be recommended for a student unless the appropriate teacher of the student involved is consulted and agrees that it will be of real help to the student.  If tutoring seems advisable, the Principal and appropriate Guidance Counselor, after further consultation, may give the parents a list of persons who are willing to tutor.  This list may include teachers, but not any current teacher of the student. 

A teacher cannot use school resources such as classrooms or materials in connection with private tutoring. A public school employee cannot use a school or district website to advertise private tutoring services.

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