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GCRD - Tutoring for Pay

Policy GCRD

Adopted: September 21, 2017
Amended: N/A

Source: MASC 2013

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Definition: "Tutoring" means giving private instruction or help to an individual or group for which the teacher receives remuneration other than through the School Committee.

A Hopkinton teacher cannot recommend that one of his/her own students receive tutoring. A teacher may not tutor any students who are currently enrolled in any of her/his classes.

Teachers and other public employees may not approach a student, or the student's parents, seeking private tutoring work. A teacher may provide tutoring when the relationship is initiated by the parents or a student and school administration may give the parent(s) or student a list of school staff who are willing to tutor.

A teacher cannot use school resources such as classrooms or materials in connection with private tutoring. A public school employee cannot use a school or district website to advertise private tutoring services.

Legal References:

M.G.L. 268A Mass. Ethics Commission FAQs for Public School Teacher

Cross Reference:

KF - Community Use of Facilities

KHB - Advertising in the Schools

Procedure Reference:

Agreement Between the Hopkinton School Committee and the Hopkinton Teachers’ Association

School Committee Policies