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FF - Naming of Facilities or Events

Policy FF

Adopted: July 9, 2013
Amended: January 18, 2024

The Hopkinton School Committee may find it appropriate to name a building, room, field, educational space, or event to honor a person, physical location, geographical area,  the community’s values, culture, or unique characteristics to lend dignity and stature to the school or to significant events.

Naming a facility, space, or event is an important matter that deserves thoughtful attention.  Personal prejudice or favoritism, political pressure, or temporary popularity should not be an influence in choosing a name.  A name with educational significance or inspiration should be chosen.  While the School Committee exercises caution about naming a facility after a person, if a facility, space, or event is to be named after a person, living or deceased, the following criteria should serve as a guide in the selection of a person(s) to be honored:

  1. The person(s) should have made a significant contribution to the educational community of Hopkinton as evidenced by contributions such as dedicated service to children and/or persistent efforts to generate and sustain an effective educational system for all students.

  2. The person(s) must be deemed by the Committee to be worthy of the honor displaying attributes that may include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. Leadership with a desire to make a difference

    2. Citizenship that models duties and obligations 

    3. Service locally, nationally, or globally 

    4. Exceptional character and reputation

    5. Excellent standards of ethics

It is expected that an orderly, announced procedure will lessen the community or factional pressures that so quickly build up when the selection is delayed or seems uncertain.  A prompt decision will reduce disappointments and advance community solidarity.  With respect to naming new facilities, much confusion in accounts, files, and records can be avoided if a new facility can be identified by name before the planning starts.

Naming Procedures: 

  1. Sixty days prior to naming of a facility, space, or event, a public announcement of the intent to name will be made by the School Committee at its regular meeting.

  2. The Superintendent of Schools will direct that news releases be distributed to local news media announcing the intent to name a facility, space, or event and inviting members of the community to suggest names either by writing to the Superintendent of Schools or by appearing before the Committee at its next regular meeting.

  3. At the first regular meeting of the Committee following the initial announcement, members of the community may appear before the Committee to have the opportunity to present their suggestions.  The Superintendent of Schools shall present other names which have been submitted to him/her/their by his/her/their staff and by members of the community not present at the meeting.

  4. At the second regular meeting following the initial announcement,  the Superintendent shall present to the Committee a list of all names suggested along with his/her/their recommendation.  The official naming of a school facility, space, or event will then be made by the School Committee. 

Naming Requests

The following procedure shall be followed when there is a formal request to have a facility, space, or event dedicated to an individual:

  1. A written explanation outlining the specific reasons why a facility, space, or event should be dedicated to a particular individual should be submitted to the chairman of the School Committee and the Superintendent of Schools, who will meet with the individual or individuals making the request and following that discussion place the request on the next School Committee agenda.

  2. The School Committee will meet with the petitioner(s) to listen to their explanation concerning the dedication request and take the request under advisement for a period of at least 60 days.

  3. The School Committee will then take action on the request at a regularly scheduled meeting, applying the selection criteria previously listed in this policy.

Dedication Ceremony and Plaque

Upon approval of the naming by the School Committee, an appropriate dedication ceremony may be planned and conducted by the district.  Also, the district may erect a dedication plaque or comparable marking upon approval of the naming by the Committee. 

Naming Duration

Naming rights are considered to be in effect for the duration of the effective and typical useful life of the facility, space, or event. If necessary, the Board reserves the right to remove a name associated with any facility, space, or event at any time if it is in the best interest of the district or donor to do so, or to protect the reputation of the district and/or the donor. 

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